World War Z 2 Release Date? News 2021

World War Z (2013)
World War Z (2013)

World War Z 2 Release Date? News

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Other Name: World War Z 2
Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror
Directed By:

Paramount Studios made new decisions regarding upcoming movie projects. The project influenced by these decisions was the sequel to World War Z, directed by David Fincher and starring Brad Pitt. The way to cancel “Apocalyptic themed science fiction” World War Z 2 “appeared.

According to Paramount’s new decision, the World War Z 2 project has been shelved. The reason was to focus on two new movies that were decided to be shot for Mission Impossible. World War Z’s budget has been completely eliminated, so as not to interrupt the budget of the two new Mission Impossible left into the hands of Christopher McQuarie. The first movie cost approximately $ 190 million. On the other hand, it managed to achieve box office revenue of $ 540 million worldwide. Shooting of World War Z 2 was expected to begin in June 2019. However, Paramount stated that they never added World War Z 2 to their programs.

World War Z 2 Release Date?

The theme of World War Z, whose second film was canceled by Paramount, was as follows: Gerry Lane is a family man who lives a happy life with his two daughters and his beloved wife. One day, when their cars get stuck in traffic, they realize that something is not going well, as usual. The danger is quickly approaching … Gerry, a United Nations employee who places his family in a safe zone, will travel the world to save the world that is split in two and compete against time, which is rather limited.

World War Z 2

The film, in which Brad Pitt both starred and produced, focuses on an extraordinary war between humans and zombies. The movie was adapted from Max Brooks’ book of the same name. David Fincher was the director of cult films such as Fight Club, Se7en, and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, while Marc Forster was the director of the first film. The script was signed by Drew Godard. In addition to Brad Pitt, the cast of World War Z included names such as Mireille Enos, Elyes Gabel, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz, James Badge Dale, Matthew Fox, and David Morse.

It is not known when the World War Z 2, which has been shelved, will be on the agenda again.

The movie is expected to be released between 2023 or 2024 according to current estimates. At least that’s how it feels.


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