Slither – Movie (2006)

Slither (2006)
Slither (2006)

Grant, whose appearance appears to be financially viable, leads a happy life with his wife, Starla. But the situation is not what it seems, on the contrary, it is open to some excitement.

Grant met Brenda by chance at a bar he visited. She promises to offer her an unimaginable pastime. Grant suddenly finds himself in the backyard. But because they are unaware of this dual danger, they suddenly encounter an opposite situation. A creature bites Grant. The creature biting Grant has captured the man’s body. The people living in the town will soon realize that the animals are gradually disappearing. Because the meat in the cupboard in the house will accumulate and these meats will increase gradually.

With the eerie death of farm animals and the disappearance of a young woman, the town sheriff Bill Party and his team decide to explore the dark power that lies deep in their town. And to end all life on Earth, they face an alien organism.

This movie is ranked 95th on the best horror movies list.

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