Rare Exports Movie (2010)

Rare Exports (2010)
Rare Exports (2010)

An archaeological excavation takes place in Northern Finland after the approach of Christmas day. In the excavation, Santa Claus reappears. But the supposed Santa Claus is actually not what it seems. Since the day Santa Claus appeared, all children living in that town began to disappear for reasons that could not be solved. There is a father and a young child who want to solve this event. These people are very determined to catch Santa Claus and send it wherever he came from. For this, father and son will get help from hunters. The father and his son blame those responsible for making the excavation that brought out Santa Claus. Meanwhile, while the father is trying to send the son back to Santa, Santa wants to be free thanks to his helpers. Thus, the elves continue to do their best for Santa Claus.

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