Lucy 2 Release Date? 2021 News

Lucy 2 Release Date
Lucy 2 Release Date

Lucy 2 Release Date? 2021 News

Lucy 2 Release Date. 2021 News – Is Lucy 2 coming out – What happened to Lucy in the end of the movie – Does Netflix have Lucy 2021

Other Name: Lucy 2
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed By:
Writers: – Luc Besson

What would happen if he used 100 percent of the human brain? themed Lucy is an exquisite film of science fiction action and adventure.

Lucy 2 Release Date

In the film; an explosion of a drug package placed in the abdomen; The young woman, who possessed the powers of reading mind, telekinesia and not feeling the pain, talked about opening all the gates of the brain to the end. There has been a lot of news about Lucy 2’s release, but the film didn’t come out after five years. It is wondered why such a popular film has not yet appeared. Director Luc Besson answered questions about Lucy 2 in her recent statements. In a statement, he said there was no project about lucy 2 and the news was unfounded. So it seems that lucy 2 will not be coming anytime soon, as new news comes about this movie, we will make additions to this video.

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