Los Ojos De Julia Movie (2010)

Los Ojos De Julia (2010)
Los Ojos De Julia (2010)

Julia has eye disease. Her sister, who was twin to the same eye disease, was also caught. Due to this disease that brings them to the point where they leave them blind, the sister commits suicide by hanging herself. People around think that the sister has committed suicide. But Julia doesn’t agree with other people. Julia begins to search the cause of the incident to find out why her brother died or who killed her. Julia notices that she has been tracked by someone while collecting her clues one by one. But Julia has to undergo an operation due to eye disease. Later, Julia lives with her eyes bandaged for 2 weeks with her operation. Julia feels that the murderer, who caused her brother’s death, comes to her house and watches her at night. From that moment on, tense moments begin for Julia.

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