Kurîpî: Itsuwari No Rinjin – Movie (2016)

Kurîpî: Itsuwari No Rinjin (2016)
Kurîpî: Itsuwari No Rinjin (2016)

Takakura is an ex-detective. Takakura moved to a new house with his wife. One day Takakura receives an offer to be appointed by his former partner and accepts the assignment. The task is to find the family that disappeared six years ago. The only surviving person in this family is Saki. Takakura starts following this person.

On the other hand, the couple moves into the new house and meets their neighbors Nishino. This person has a young daughter and a sick wife. One day, the young girl tells Takakura that he doesn’t know Nishino and that he is not his father. Then Yasuko gets bored at home while her husband is at work. In order to avoid boredom, he begins to go to his neighbor’s Nishino’s house. Meanwhile, a relationship between these two people begins. Nishino, who began to behave strangely, is very reluctant to relate to his neighbor. But then, Nishino will slowly begin to commute to and from Takakura’s house.

The film goes here with question marks. Then, tension, mystery and fear will begin to become full. This movie is featured on the imdb website Horror, Mystery, Thriller. But more tension and mystery predominate.


This movie is ranked 97th on the best horror movies list.

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