John Carter (2012) Movie Plot, Cast

John Carter movie
John Carter movie

John Carter (2012) Movie

John Carter (2012) Movie Plot, Cast – John Carter movie, John Carter cast, John Carter plot.

Other Name: John Carter
Genre: Science Fiction , Action , Adventure
Directed By: Andrew Stanton
Writers: Taylor Kitsch, Lynn Collins, Samantha Morton

John Carter Movie Plot

Unknown to the planet Mars, John Carter finds himself in the middle of a growing war among the planet’s inhabitants. Among the parties are Tars Tarkas and the charming princess Dejah Thoris. Carter will realize that the salvation of Barsoom and his people on this planet on the brink of extinction is in his own hands.

John Carter movie
John Carter movie

“John Carter”, the last movie of Andrew Stanton, the Academy Award-winning director of movies such as Finding Nemo and Wall-E, shot in 2011, is a gripping action adventure movie set on the mysterious and exotic planet Barsoom (Mars)…Taylor Kitsch, Bryan Cranston, Ciarán Starring Hinds and Willem Dafoe, the movie is based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ sci-fi novel “A Princess of Mars”.

Award-winning composer Michael Giacchino, who previously composed the music of successful animations such as The Incredibles and Ratatouille

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