Halloween – Movie (2018)

Halloween (2018)
Halloween (2018)

In 1978, four young people were killed by Michael Myers on Halloween. A group of people who want to investigate the killer visit the killer in prison.

As Halloween approaches, people there are preparing to celebrate the holiday. Laurie Strode, who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Halloween among people, wants to meet Myers, who killed four young people. Laurie wants revenge on Myers. That’s why Laurie looks forward to the day Myers escapes from prison. Laurie’s dream will come true and somehow she will escape from prison. Trying to escape from the prison, Myers will be able to escape from his location as a result of an accident with the transport vehicle carrying him.

Laurie knows that Myers will find her. But Laurie has completed the preparations for the killer he will meet.


This movie is ranked 83th on the best horror movies list.

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