Crawl – Movie (2019)

Crawl (2019)
Crawl (2019)

A young woman in Florida who has suffered a severe hurricane will struggle to survive. The resulting hurricane is an event in the 5th category. As a result of the hurricane, everyone is asked to leave home, but like other people, the young woman does not fulfill this order. The woman’s father disappears by riding on his boat as the hurricane approaches. The woman tries to call her father. The region is about to flood. Meanwhile, the young woman finds her father and her dog. The woman who works to save her injured father will find herself in the submerged house. The father and daughter, stranded at home, soon realize that hurricanes and floods are not the only things to fear. Because the flock of crocodiles roams in the middle of the water. Therefore, the father and daughter will have to fight against the predators to protect themselves and survive.


This movie is ranked 102th on the best horror movies list.


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