Better Watch Out – Movie (2016)

Better Watch Out (2016)
Better Watch Out (2016)

Ashley is a young woman who deals with babysitting. On New Year’s Day, a family settles with Ashley to take care of their children. The youngest child of the family is 12 years old. Ashley goes to the parents’ house on New Year’s Eve to take care of this child. The family is quite rich. For this reason, the young girl who thinks that it is easy to take care of the child of a wealthy family thinks that the evening will pass comfortably. But an uninvited guest arrives and her plan to spend a comfortable evening is reversed. The guest came into the house by force. The intruder will give Ashley and Luke a night of fear. Aware of the situation, the young girl had to find a way to save both Luke and her own life.

This movie is ranked 91th on the best horror movies list.


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