1922 – Movie (2017)

1922 (2017)
1922 (2017)

Wilfred Leland James is a Nebraska farmer. 100 acres of land next to this farmer’s 80 acres of land will be inherited from his father to his wife. Wilfred wants to combine and grow his own estate with his wife’s legacy. But his wife does not agree with her husband. Arletta dreams of settling in the city and opening stores in the city by selling its land. This confrontation between the husband and wife extends to Wilfred’s plan to kill his wife. The couple has a 14-year-old son. He tried to get rid of this problem at home by convincing his son. But this process will be terribly overwhelming for father and son Henry as a result of Wilfred’s curse.


This movie is ranked 98th on the best horror movies list.

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